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Pearl One Courtyard New Update : An Exclusive Investment Opportunity in Bahria Town Lahore

Pearl One Courtyard stands tall as the tallest building in Bahria Town Lahore, representing a versatile vertical project launched by ABS Developers. Dubbed the “Asaan Ghar Offer,” this project aims to provide affordable accommodation with an easy payment plan. Launched in November 2023, it included studio, 1-bed, and 2-bed residential apartments available for investment in just 25 monthly installments.

The initial offer lasted until December 10, 2023, with a revised payment plan following the increased demand. ABS Developers have responded to investors’ preferences by offering an updated deal, maintaining studio, 1-bed, and 2-bed options. Notably, the 2-bed apartment size has been increased from 800 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft., enhancing living spaces overall.

Why Invest in Pearl One Courtyard?

  1. Location: Pearl One Courtyard is ideally situated at Plot no. 5 Main Boulevard, Tipu Block, Sector F Bahria Town, Lahore. Its central location ensures easy access from various parts of Lahore and proximity to essential amenities, including Ring Road Lahore.
  2. Layout Plan: Spanning 9.25 Kanal, Pearl One Courtyard features a courtyard layout, ensuring ample sunlight and ventilation for each residential apartment. With double basements, ground plus 25 floors, it offers both commercial outlets and residential apartments.
  3. Amenities and Facilities:
    • 24/7 CCTV & Security Backup
    • Grocery service
    • Room service
    • Cutting-edge Construction Quality
    • Fully automated complex
    • Food Courts
    • Hyper Mall
    • High-Speed Elevators
    • Jamia Masjid
    • Gym, Swimming pool, and Parking space
    • Rooftop Garden
    • Spa and Food Court
  4. Payment Plan: Pearl One Courtyard offers an investor-friendly payment plan with 25 monthly installments, 5 semi-annual payments, and possession payment. The project is expected to offer possession within 24 months.

Why Invest in Pearl One Courtyard?

  1. Rental Income: Investors can earn stable monthly rental income by leasing out commercial and residential properties, providing a steady revenue stream.
  2. Near To Ring Road Lahore: Strategically located near Ring Road Lahore, Pearl One Courtyard’s accessibility is set to improve, increasing commercial activity in Tipu Block Sector F.
  3. Luxury In Installments: Investors have the opportunity to own a luxurious part of this project through manageable installments with no hidden charges.
  4. Value Appreciation: The project’s pre-payment plan has seen an increase in per sq. ft. prices, indicating potential value appreciation for early investors.

Pearl One Courtyard presents an unparalleled investment opportunity, offering luxury in installments and the potential for value appreciation. To seize this golden chance, contact Pakistan Property Services at +92 321 1116133, the authorized dealers of Bahria Town and Etihad Town projects. Explore affordable residential apartments with a flexible payment plan and consult with experts for all your real estate matters.

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